User Manual

What is Citus Cloud Load Test?

Citus Cloud Load Test is an affordable cloud-based test tool to give you a good insight of your web services’ performance under heavy traffic. When a test is executed, Citus Cloud Load Test will create virtual users who will send requests to your website the same way as real users do.

Our system can be deployed on cloud infrastructures including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) so it is optimized for applications based on the same infrastructure. You can choose the number of virtual users, which ranges from 1 to 100,000, according to your business’s needs. Hence, it is flexible and powerful while very cost-effective.

Why use Citus Cloud Load Test?


Citus Cloud Load Test has a user friendly interface so that developers can effortlessly configure their tests inputs, manage test runs and collect reports. In addition, customers will be supported by our professional technical team during their experience with the test tool.

Powerful and optimized for all major Cloud Platforms

Citus Cloud Load Test is able to create virtual users from the selected region based on your business’s requirements. The test tool utilizes the strength of cloud computing. It is also optimized for application hosted on Azure and AWS. It is also optimized for application hosted on Azure and AWS.

Comprehensive Reports

Users will be provided with concise reports after every test which will be illustrated in tables and charts to give users a clearer insight of their applications. Using the information, they will be able to make changes to improve the performance and scalability of their system.

Step by step instructions to run test

There are only three steps to start testing your website or web services

Step 1 – Purchase:

Citus Cloud Load Test on AWS Marketplace through the link: Buy from AWS Marketplace Choose a version, Region and EC2 Instance Type then click “Accept Terms & Launch with 1-Click”. In a few minutes, AWS will provide you a system with Citus Cloud Load Test installed. You can start accessing into the system to configure and login to your account.
Citus Cloud Load Test on Azure Marketplace: Coming soon!

Step 2 – Create and run tests:

With the user friendly interface, you can easily execute and manage your own tests.

Step 3 – Receive your test results:

After the tests are finished, you can view the reports or download them as PDF files for sharing.