Case Studies


Performance Test for Toshiba CloudTV on AWS


Toshiba Corporation is a global leading manufacturer of electronics equipment. Founded in 1938, Toshiba now has a revenue of 6.2 trillion JPY and more than 200,000 employees worldwide. Also a cloud pioneer, Toshiba is the first company to offer a cloud-based television product which debuts in CES 2013.


Toshiba enlisted the help of Citus Cloud Load Test to test the capability of its CloudTV backend. That target system provides applications and contents to hundreds of thousands digital TVs and mobile devices, allowing individuals, families and friends to enjoy TV contents and socialize at the same time.
At any time the system has to serve ten thousands of concurrent users on various devices platforms.


  • With Citus Cloud Load Test, the test was implemented in only one day.
  • Test agents were in the same AWS region with target system to utilize test bandwidth.
  • The target system was tested using up to 30,000 CCU.
  • The target system was tested in long durations and with many different test configurations.


Citus Cloud Load Test gave our customer a detailed insight of the performance and behaviors of their systems under stress. With the test results, Toshiba was able to implement changes to improve their system stability under different circumstances with minimal cost.