Test Your Web Services for Performance and Scalability

Powerful, Affordable and Easy-to-use Cloud-based Test Tool

performance testing, manual testing, testing tools
A friendly central GUI allows developers to configure test inputs, schedule test runs and read reports as part of a streamlined workflow.
performance testing, manual testing, testing tools
Powerful and optimized for cloud
Our system utilizes public cloud infrastructure to simulate up to 100,000 virtual concurrent users from a range of regions. Best optimized for applications hosted in Microsoft Azure & AWS.
performance testing, manual testing, testing tools
Comprehensive Reports
The performance and behaviors of the application will be analyzed in detailed reports. Based on the results, customers will be able to improve their system stability under selected scenarios.
performance testing, manual testing, testing tools
Authentication Testing & POST Method Available
Ability to test the performance of secure and internal systems which require user authentication for proxy bypassing; and allow assessing of the complete log-in & user registration to a webpage.


Get our product

Purchase our VM image from a cloud marketplace (Microsoft Azure Marketplace or AWS Marketplace) and setup your test environment with a single click.

Setup & run load tests

Create your own test by specifying the address and the number of virtual concurrent users you need.

Read detailed reports

Generate test results in clear and concise reports, which you can monitor or share.